Who are we?
Why choose us ?

SOLUTIONALMAP LTD is a company created to help establishment managers manage, secure, reference and administer their establishment listings on Google.

We are a group of young people wishing to revolutionize the digital presence of companies on a global scale and envisage the conquest of all digital services in the near future.

Attention to detail is the key to success for many businesses! Do you project yourself far away? Do you want to be the best in your business category and in your locality? Want to optimize your presence on Google? So answering all of these questions can only give you one answer and that answer is "SOLUTIONALMAP!" ยป

We have the best GMB Profile Advisors and Managers out there. Our customer relationship is friendly. Test our services and stay with us!

Our objective

We want to be the leading digital service provider anywhere in the world.

Our mission

Put our expertise at the service of our customers by exploring the market to select services (solutions) that bring a real benefit to the beneficiaries of our services.

Our values
  1. Humility and active listening
  2. Honesty and Integrity
  3. Pursuit of excellence
  4. Open-mindedness
Our strengths
  1. The quality of our services
  2. Our ability to adapt to customer demand
  3. Our quality staff rigorously selected from among the best in the job market and benefiting from the supervision and continuous training allowing them to grow in skills.
  4. Active listening to our customers in order to clearly meet their needs
Customer Guarantee

We guarantee our customers a high efficiency in the processing of their orders and a secure service delivery as soon as possible.

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